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Apple Monkey I’m Gluten Free Waffle 20g


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About Product :

We are thrilled to announce the new arrival from Apple Monkey

I’m Gluten Free Waffle  20gm.

These new arrival  I’m Gluten Free Waffle 20gm come in 3 assorted flavours as follows:

Apple Monkey I’m Gluten Free Waffle 20gm

1) Banana Crumble Flavour

2) Mango, Banana, and Corn Flavor 20gm

3) Mixed Fruit & Vegetable Flavour 20gm


Safety Advise :

This product should only be fed to seated and supervised person who are accustomed to chewing solid foods.

Storage Conditions :

Store the product in a dry & clean place at room temperature.

Banana Crumble

Brown Jasmine Rice Flour 25%

Coconut Milk 17%

Riceberry Flour 17%

Banana (HOM THONG) 14.5%

Tapioca Flour 13.5%

Corn Flour 9.4%

Cocoa Powder 2%

Coconut Cream Powder 1.5%

Caramel Flavour ( Natural Indentical ) 0.04%

Baking Powder 0.03%

Banana Flavour ( Natural Identical ) 0.02%

Vitamin B Complex 0.01%

Mango , Banana & Corn

Brown Jasmine Rice Flour 36.6%

Coconut Milk 15.6%

Mango Juice 15.6%

Tapioca Flour 13.6%

Corn Flour 7.5%

Corn Powder 7.5%

Coconut Cream Powder 2.5%

Pumpkin Powder 1%

Mango Flavor ( Natural Identical ) 0.05%

Baking Powder 0.04%

Vitamin B Complex 0.01%

Mixed Fruit & Vegetable Flavor

Brown Jasmine Rice Flour 30%

Carrot Juice 20%

Apple Juice 15%

Passion Juice 10%

Tomato Juice 10%

Tapioca Flour 5.5%

Corn Flour 6.95%

Kale Powder 2.5%

Baking Powder 0.04%

Vitamin B Complex 0.01%

i) Made with real fruit & vegetable

ii) Bake not fried

iii) Dairy free & Soy Free

iv) Gluten Free

v) No Sugar & Salt Added

vi) No Artificial Colors & Flavors