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Baby Natura Brown Rice Porridge

Best Before Date :

Banana Quinoa & Oat – Feb 2025

Pumpkin Morning Glory – Jan 2025

Sweet Potato – Jan 2025


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About Products :

Baby Natura is a plant based whole food (PBWF) baby meal that contains no chemicals, animal products, additives, preservatives or any allergen ingredients. Also minimally processed to maintain the goodness and the nutrients of our 100% natural ingredients. It makes Baby Natura the right choice for the rights start.

Mixing Guide – Just Add Water :

  1. Empty one 16g pack of cereal into a clean bowl
  2. Add 100ml of cooled boiled water
  3. Mixed thoroughly
  4. Feed with a clean spoon

Suggested Recipes

  1. Mixed with breast milk
  2. Mixed with vegetable soup
  3. Added with vegetables or fruits

Safety Advise

Not suitable for babies under 6 months


Storage Conditions

  • Store the product in a cool and dry place not exceeding 25 degree Celsius
  • Not adhering to this condition may change the organoleptic properties of the product


Brown Rice Porridge with Banana, Quinoa And Oat

  • Organic Brown Rice 60%
  • Organic Banana 25%
  • Organic Quinoa 10%
  • Oat 5%

Brown Rice Porridge with Pumpkin And Morning Glory

  • Organic Brown Rice 75%
  • Organic Pumpkin 15%
  • Organic Morning Glory 10%

Brown Rice Porridge with Sweet Potato

  • Organic Brown Rice 75%
  • Organic Sweet Potato 25%
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • No cow’s milk, egg and nut
  • No Gluten
  • No added sugar and salt