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Let’s Bring Gifts for the kids. It’s Christmas


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Crocodile Creek, a family-run business, began in a small studio apartment in New York City purchasing licensing rights for toys and children accessories based on popular children’s books. It later branched out to create wonderful children’s gifts that are stylish and fun, in collaboration with some the world’s finest illustrators and designers.

Crocodile Creek aims to satisfy buyers who are looking for something that are special and not ordinaryfor children. The novel artwork and lively colors of Crocodile Creek products uniquely turned

something ordinary into something fun and funky. The products such as puzzles, schoolbags, lunchboxes, dinnerware and placemats exhibit unique

characters to enhance the lives of our children.

Special attention is placed on product concept, design and materials. Crocodile Creek regards the safety of the children in our world and the safety of our products as being the utmost importance. Crocodile Creek products are made to conform to all appropriate and recognized U.S., European and international safety standards.