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Natufoodies Limited Edition We Bare Bears Christmas Gift Box.


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Natufoodies Limited Edition We Bare Bears Christmas Gift Box New Arrival.

Edition This time we provide 3 types of biscuits with different textures and flavors in one gift box with the upcoming Christmas celebration. Special for our beloved customers, hurry up and get this gift box because stock is limited.

Organic Fruit & Vegetable Puffs ( Blueberry & Purple Sweet Potato )

Organic white rice , organic brown rice , organic apple juice concentrate , natural black rice , organic purple sweet potato powder, organic blueberry powder , vitamin B1

Aeroplane Toodler Biscuit ( Banana Pumpkin )

Wheat flour, butter , sugar , whole milk powder, banana powder, pumpkin powder , corn flour ( NON-GMO ), ammonium bicarbonate , sodium bicarbonate, iron ( Ferric pyrophosphate ) , salt , calcium carbonate , composite enzyme , papain enzyme, ( potato maltodextrin , proteolytic , enzyme , amylase, sunflower seed oil ) vitamin B1

Waffle Crisps ( Carrot & Mixed Fruit Juice )

Carrot & Mixed fruit juice , jasmine brown rice flour, corn flour, tapioca starch , baking soda , vitamin B premix ( vitamin B1.B2,B3,B5,B6 )

No added artificial flavour , colour & Preservative

Gluten Free

Egg Free

No add sugar